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In Loving Memory of

Dorota Swiderski

Our beloved Dorota passed away peacefully on 4 December 2023.

A ray of light, Dorota has been part of the Westgarth TCM family since 2012. She worked as a clinical assistant alongside Dr Vlado, as a Locum while he was away and was forever available as a friend.

Dorota ran clinics in Hurtbridge, worked at several Tcm clinics in Melbourne and interstate, she  practiced and taught Qi Gong and was a valued member of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Community. A mother, a cook, a friend, a brilliant practitioner, we are forever indebted to her presence in our life, a shining star that will forever burn brightly. We wish her peace in parting this earthly plane and wish her family endless support through this time. 

This loss is deeply felt. 

With love, in memory of Dorota Swiderski

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