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About Chinese Herbal Medicine

"At the centre of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want" Lao Tzu

Herbal medicine, along with acupuncture represents the strongest form of treatment in Chinese medicine. It is actually the HERBAL FORMULAS, that is, the combination of individual herbs into a formula that make Chinese Herbal medicine a unique and potent treatment modality. Multiple herbs are combined in a single prescription to counteract the disease in the human body. Individual herbs have their own healing properties but in combination with others (in a formula) is when they do their best and strongest work.
Most of the Chinese formulas in classic texts are the life-work of a particular doctor who practiced Chinese medicine all his life in a particular century, and by modifying and fine tuning the formula for a particular disease left the fantastic legacy for future generations. It has never been easy to add a formula to a text book in Chinese medicine. Usually the formula of herbs are scrutinised by your peers, tried over and over in practice before the approval is given. 
What are they good for?
Herbal formulas are used in combination with acupuncture in our clinic and are usually better than using one modality only. The reason is simple: Acupuncture on its own is a strong medical treatment.  Herbs are also a strong medical treatment. Combined they complement each other and the results in the healing process are excellent. 
Only very rarely as the condition requires, will Vlado use acupuncture or herbs alone.

How long would I need to take the herbal prescription?
We usually treat with a combination of both acupuncture and Chinese herbs in order to get the best and quickest results for our patients. Herbal prescriptions can be taken anywhere from one week to a few months depending of the conditions presented. 
How often a person should have herbs during the day?
Usually three times a day, around mealtimes. Dosage depends on the type of the herbs as well as in which form they are taken. Vlado prescribes herbs in powder form, tablets/pills or capsules. Vlado will determine which type of herbal treatment is best for the patient and what is the recommended dosage. You will be given clear instructions when you are prescribed herbal medicines.

What if I am already on Western drugs for my ailment?
Herbs may be taken complementary to whichever other treatments the patient is undergoing at the time. Quite a few of our patients are on Western drugs while they are taking Chinese herbs. Vlado as a routine will ask what medications you are on so he can take that into account when prescribing the herbal formula. It is important to inform your practitioner if and when your prescriptions or dosages change while you are undergoing treatment with herbal medicine.
Can I claim herbal treatment rebate on my private health fund?
Currently the herbal consultation is covered but not the actual herbs. Please talk to our receptionist if you are unsure.
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