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"RELAX. Nothing is in control" Buddha

Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine are complementary practices. Vlado can work together with you and your specialist's recommendations to create an integrated care plan for you and your family. Most of our patients are on some form of western medication. Please let Vlado know what you are taking so that he can prescribe the right acupuncture points and herbal formula.


Singles and couples experiencing fertility issues often seek acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, whether undergoing IVF or trying to conceive naturally. In the 27 years Vlado has been in practice, he has supported many on their journey to creating a family. 


Below are listed some of the fertility conditions Vlado has seen over these years. Chinese medicine may be able to assist with some of the symptoms of these conditions. If you are wondering about a particular condition that is not listed, give us a call so we can best guide you in your health care needs.

Fertility and Obstetrics conditions commonly seen in the clinic include:
◦ IVF assisted conception
◦ Infertility (difficulty in falling pregnant)
◦ Unexplained infertility
◦ Morning sickness
◦ Inducing labour
◦ Difficult labour
◦ Post Partum problems (fatigue, mastitis, lack of milk, falling hair)
◦ Urinary problems
◦ Male infertility (low sperm count and/or motility)
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