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Living With The Seasons- Winter

Food for thought. Another winter is in front of us to get through, and hopefully enjoy. And it started sharp and cold. So we have to avoid getting a cold or flu, avoid the germs so to speak. Do they get us sick, or do the circumstances of life get us sick? I would say that the circumstances are a bigger factor than the viruses or bacteria. If the germs are the cause, then those of us in the medical profession, teachers or social workers, would be sick all of the time. When do we get sick? We get sick when we are run down, stressed and tired. Let's avoid that this winter- stay put, work less, avoid stress where possible, sleep more, eat hearty food, and we will stay well during winter regardless of the sick and spluttering around you. In other words, please look after yourself. If you are getting sick, the earlier you see us, the better, so that we can help you get on top of it. Have a lovely winter.

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