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Living With The Seasons - Autumn

Food for thought. We still seem to be governed by principles coming from the depth of our consciousness. These principles have a do or die colour, where every decision is of paramount importance for our existence. However, the last forty to fifty years has been coloured by an abundance of food, shelter, education, travel, health and longevity. So applying these archaic governing principles is quite inappropriate and damaging. They cause a lot of suffering (with a do or die attitude) for a relatively small problem (eg: My iphone is 3 days late.) We are reconciling 40,000 years of survival wisdom verses 40 years of abundance and an assumed comfortable life in Melbourne, Australia. This dichotomy can recall or bring up inappropriate over reactions for relatively small problems, which can cause a lot of mental instabilities, anxieties and panic attacks. There is no quick fix to bridge the gap between the severe unconscious reactions and the mild manageable reality, but at least it's a good start by naming it.

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