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Summer is here!

Another summer and another year is in front of us. And what should we expect? Uncertainty and change is the common mantra among the experts. "If you realise that all things change, there is nothing to hold on to" said Lao Tsu. These words from about 2600 years ago seem to be spot on about what we should embrace. And then life is easier and happier. Because change is the only constant in life, but it seems to be happening a bit more erratically lately. So the best is to go with it and enjoy it. This summer should be nice and hot- not hot enough for some, too hot for others, as usual. Please enjoy it, have good holidays and think about the best investment ever- your health. Set yourself in a way to stay healthy and balanced in 2017. Because that is the best way to face and enjoy the challenges of life. Have a lovely summer.

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