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Spring is breaking out!

Another spring breaking out and another virus settling in. There have been an abundance of patients coming in after being sick for 3-4 weeks. The usual remark is: 'I've hardly been sick in the last few years and now I have been sick for 3 weeks on and off. What's going on?!' This is generally the case if people push it a bit too much with work and don't give themselves enough time to rest. It's been a very cold and wet beginning of Spring, so if you start to get sick, please see us for an acupuncture treatment and keep up with your herbs. That way we can avoid a long illness. Spring and allergies are, of course, best friends. Melbourne has been announced as the allergy capital of the world! If you're experiencing allergy related symptoms, please come to the clinic as soon as possible to help curb this sneezy season with treatments and herbs. On a positive note, the colours, scents and flowers are all around us. The sun is still shy but here more and more. Have a lovely Spring!

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