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Autumn Newsletter

Some of the most susceptible candidates for an Autoimmune disease are what I call "The Beautiful People". They are the ones who:

  • Really push themselves

  • Work 60-80 hours per week

  • If they are sick, they still go to the next meeting, meet the deadline

  • Do a few things at the same time

  • The simple "No, I can't do this" does not enter their mind as a possibility

  • They are usually peace makers and keepers in the family, at work and with friends

  • Their shoulder is always there to cry on

I love these people and that is why I call them "The Beautiful People"- but they are much more likely to get an auto immune disease. Then all we need is a trigger: common cold, family problems, sickness in the family or with friends, bad news, bullying at work, chemicals, drug intake, relationship issues. So if you are part of the Beautiful People ie: pushing the stone uphill a bit too often, and if you start to get some unusual symptoms, please see us in the clinic and we can see if we can reinstate your wellbeing sooner rather than later. Have a lovely Autumn, Vlado

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