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And Spring has sprung...

Spring is a new beginning- the time to rise early with the sun and take brisk walks shaking off the slumber of the winter months. The Chinese Classics remind us that spring encourages yang activities like brisk movement, reflecting the uprising and active nature of spring.

Food becomes simpler in the spring, it’s a good time to lighten the diet . Raw and sprouted foods can be emphasised, things like; young plants, fresh greens, immature wheat or other cereal grasses. Salty foods and meats, and heavy foods tend to clog the liver and gall bladder in spring- the yin/yang organ associated with spring.

The liver and the gall bladder not only occupy a place in the physical body but run the length of our bodies through our legs, torso, arms, head and neck in the form of their meridian pathways. Invigorating these meridians with stretches can help to support the physical structures of the organs as well as the areas that these meridians run through. Below are some stretches and a recipe to support you through the months of spring.

Stretches for Spring

Stretch the Organs of Spring

Gall Bladder Meridian Stretch Liver Meridian Stretch

Gall Bladder

1- Bend side-ways to the right. 2- Switch arms and bend side-ways to the left.

Liver 1- Cross fingers of both hands together and turn hands so palms face outwards. 2- Bend forward from the hips as you extend arms forward.

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