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Summer, Autumn And The Currents

Bees on sunflower disc bees rummage in zenith sun reaping the nectar

~Diana Richardson

In summer, in the south, we have experienced heat, cold, rain, snow, and fires to devastating effect. We have sped through this summer season, and have arrived at autumn.

The start of a season brings with it new things, an awakening to old things or a new perspective to such things, because it is defined by being different to what was. Summer brings the heat to our days and our ways while Autumn carries a subtle warmth and welcoming, a step away from the complete open and expanse of the summer heat.

2020 also saw us reunite with the astrological Year of The Metal Rat. The Rat is the first of all zodiac animals, it represents movement with speed, action, determination and aspiration. It’s Metal element implies flexibility and strength whilst maintaining form.

The Metal element also governs us in Autumn. It’s associated with the Organs system of the Lungs and Large Intestines- input (air into the Lungs) output and release (Large Intestines) - these structures alone symbolise a lot.

Autumn and the Metal element is the time to organise and open the perhaps scattered patterns of the previous warmer seasons, to focus mentally and begin the process of contraction as we prepare for the cooler seasons. Gentle movements and pungent and sour flavoured foods align with both autumn and the metal element, while also enabling us to process the emotional elements of sadness and grief also associated with these organs and this season. Such foods can start the metaphysical process of such ordering, aligning us to the energetics of the season.

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